What the HELL is this blog about?

Hi. I consider myself hispanic. I act white. It's something I've learned to live with.
My blogs tell the story of an incredibly awkard, shy, neurotic, hispanic-white-acting, boyfriendless seventeen-year-old trying to fit into the world of being a "normal" teenager.... in a very, very white town.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

dear shower,

Oh Shower, you and I go way back. I remember when I was seven and had my first real encounter with you. I felt like a big girl leaving behind the baths and replacing them with showers. I was so happy.
But it seems like we haven't spoken in a while. It seems like we need to get together sometime soon. I'm dreadfully sorry for going three days without even glancing at you. I know, I know. I make you sick. But that's the thing. I'm sick as well. Unable to breathe through my nose, sneazing up a storm every five minutes and trying not to hurt my throat anymore than it already is. And seeing as we've been out of school, well....I just haven't found the strength to get out of bed long enough to spend time with you.
But now I'm feeling better, I promise.
I need to see you soon. I need you to help me forget the annoying situation at hand. I want your warm waters to sooth the stress of going to prom with someone I really, really, really don't want to go to prom with. Even if we are just friends. No matter how much we have in common, I don't want to go to prom with J because I feel like I'd be going with my brother.
Thanks Bonnie. Thanks.
And then there's another problem we need to sort out Shower. My friend Georgia and her feeling of depression and leading on Phil and making me feel horrible for backing her up and still trying to spare Phil's feelings. We never should have decided to give him that note so quickly. She lots interest in a snap simply because there was no chase, passion or romance to actually getting Phil. He was just there. He already liked her and was just...there. Poor Phil.
And then Jesi and her loser boyfriend. Don't really understand why she's not dating her best guy friend. So he lives four hours away....Sooo? It'd be cute.
Shower, I need you now so badly. I need you to massage my muscles that are strained by the weight of the lives I'm not living.
God, I need a life of my own.
Love, Me.